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La Grande Oregon Weather Forecast



Wednesday Night

Partly Cloudy


Partly Sunny

Thursday Night

Mostly Cloudy

Updated: 13 hours ago · Forecaster: KUHN

High of 83° with sunny skies. Winds variable at 3-8 mph.
Low of 47° with partly cloudy skies. Winds west-northwest at around 5 mph.
High of 79° with partly cloudy skies. Winds variable becoming a southwest wind at 5-10 mph.
Thursday Night
Low of 47° with mostly cloudy skies. Winds southwest becoming west winds at 5-10 mph.
High of 75° with partly cloudy skies. Winds south becoming westerly at 5-10 mph.
Friday Night
Low of 41° with broken skies. Winds northwest around 5 mph.


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Weather Discussion

Updated: 3 hours ago · Forecaster: KOWALSKI
High pressure over the West Coast will keep autumn away for a few more days as high temperatures through Friday remain warm, with most spots stretching into the 80s. A vigorous trough will begin to work its way south from the Canadian Pacific coastline on Saturday, bringing with it much cooler temperatures and the chance of some scattered showers throughout the weekend. Highs from Saturday into next week will only reach into the 60s. The chance for precipitation this weekend is low, with the most likely chance running from late Saturday evening through the overnight hours.

Our Team

Brian Sather — President/CEO
Tesmond Hurd — Chief Operations Officer
Anthony Marro — Lead Forecaster
James Perniciaro — Lead Forecaster
Caitlin Lawrence — Special Ops Meteorologist
Corey Maller — Special Ops Meteorologist
William Reed Jr. — Research Meteorologist
Christopher Kowalski — Synopsis Forecaster
Rachel Eidelman — Synopsis Forecaster
Andrew Stern — Operations Forecaster
Cameron Batiste — Operations Forecaster
Jeff Kuhn — Operations Forecaster
Joshua Golub — Operations Forecaster
Kira Frost — Operations Forecaster

Our team consists of the most elite, and skilled meteorologists from around the country.

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